ielts listening task 1 – multiple choice



Questions 9 and 10

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

9. Type of insurance chosen

    1. Economy

    2. Standard

    3. Premium

10. Customer wants goods delivered to

  1. port

  2. home

  3. depot

Tapescript for IELTS Listening Recording 2

(A customer has been arranging with a shipping agent to send a large box overseas. This is the last part of the conversation.)


OK right. Now obviously insurance is an important thing to consider and our companies are able to offer very good rates in a number of different all-inclusive packages.


Sorry, could you explain a bit more?


Yes, sorry, um. There’s really three rates according to quality of insurance cover – there’s the highest comprehensive cover which is Premium rate, then there’s standard rate and then there’s economy rate. That one will only cover the cost of the contents second hand.


Oh I’ve been stung before with economy insurance so I’ll go for the highest.


Mh’hm and can I just check would you want home delivery or to a local depot or would you want to pick it up at the nearest port?


The port’d be fine – I’ve got transport that end.


Fine and will you be paying by credit card?


Can I pay by cheque?


9. C


10. A