ielts listening task 2 – matching 2




Questions 1 – 4


Which hotel matches each description?


Choose your answers from the box and write the correct letter AE next to questions 1-4.


A – The Bridge Hotel

B – Carlton House

C – The Imperial

D – The Majestic

E – The Royal Oak


  1. is in a rural area ……………….


  2. only opened recently ……………….



offers facilities for business functions



has an indoor swimming pool


Tapescript for IELTS Listening Recording 6


You will hear a man talking to an official at a tourist information office.



Can I help you?


Yes, I was wanting somewhere to stay for a few days – a four or five star hotel. Can you tell me something about the possibilities?


OK, right, well there are five hotels that might interest you. Were you wanting a city centre location, or would you be interested in something a bit further out?


Well, I do have a car so I could go for either.


Well, there are two central hotels in the range you’re looking for – there’s Carlton House and The Imperial, they’re both near the main square, but if you’ve got your own transport you might be interested in the Royal Oak – that’s out in the country, about ten kilometres away, very peaceful. Then there’s the Bridge hotel and the Majestic

– they’re both in town but not in the centre, they’re out on the airport road.


Mmm that might be a bit far out actually. OK, now the other two you mentioned, in the city centre. Can you tell me a bit about them?


Well, they’re both excellent hotels. If you want something with a bit of character, Carlton House is quite unusual – it’s a very old building that was originally a large private house, it was bought by the Vannis chain and they completely refurbished it – they took their first guests just a few months ago but it’s already got an excellent reputation.

That’s a five star hotel. Or there’s the Imperial, which is a much more modern building. That’s also has its own gym and it also has internet connection and meetings rooms – it’s used for conferences and corporate events as well as private guests. That’s five star as well.


Does it have a swimming pool as well as a gym?


No – the Royal Oak has an outdoor pool, which is lovely in the summer, but the only hotel with an indoor pool is the Bridge Hotel. It doesn’t have a gym though. The Majestic is planning to build a swimming pool and a fitness centre, but it’s not finished yet.


I see. Well, I think I’ll probably go for one of the city centre hotels.



  1. E


  2. B


  3. C


  4. A